Tribes (2017)


Written by Nina Raine

Dir. Oonagh Murphy

Gate Theatre, Dublin

The Irish Premiere of this award-winning play relocates the action from leafy suburban Hampstead to South County Dublin where Billy, born deaf into a hearing family, struggles to define who he is within his highly intellectual, yet emotionally possessive, clan.

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Gate Theatre TRIBES [HD, 1280x720]-2.jpe


The Times

Surtitles are used to interpret not only sign language but also unspoken truths. 

The Independent

Conan McIvor's video montage, add perfectly to the troubled layers of meaning and illusion

Scenes from the Bigger Picture

One of the play’s most interesting forms of stage-craft, which is the theatricalisation of the production’s surtitles.

No More Workhorse

how people choose to communicate, is highlighted beautifully by interludes of surtitles... These are communicated on layers of screens which are an integral part of the minimal set

The Arts Review

Conan McIvor’s brilliant video design visually reinforces “Tribes” thematic complexities of languages and listening, played out over three rows of screens, richly informed by images, translations, and subtexts

Exeunt Magazine

The considerate surtitles of Conan McIvor’s video design