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Filmmaker & Video Artist creating short films,

video installations and immersive environments.








I am a filmmaker and video artist who creates short films, video installations, immersive environments and video works for theatre and live performance, often mediated within a sculptural or site-specific presentation.


To date, my work has been exhibited locally and internationally in cities such as New York, Trondheim, Sarajevo, Ojai, Edmonton and Paris in a variety of exciting venues including a disused police station, freight container and sonic lab as well as traditional gallery spaces, international film festivals, national theatres, Off-Broadway and broadcast on national television.

My artistic practice is concerned primarily with exploring the mythical, the sacred and the divine with an ever-present undercurrent of the ethereal. I often use the camera lens to reveal and magnify the spiritual relationship between the physical and abstract qualities of performances; and use elements of dream, ritual, and metaphor to create a dramatic visual landscape. I am interested in subjects and ideas that occupy the space between, the shades of grey that exist as impermanent or unseen.

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